Stitch a Little Landscape - small fabric scraps for painting

  • Stitch a Little Landscape - small fabric scraps for painting
  • Stitch a Little Landscape - small fabric scraps for painting
  • Stitch a Little Landscape - small fabric scraps for painting

This is a curated selection of lightweight, semi-sheer and slightly textured fabrics to accompany my online course, 'Stitch a Little Landscape', which you can find by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

In the first section of the course, I demonstrate some basic techniques for painting your own fabrics, and this little taster pack allows you to paint a variety of fabrics in your preferred colours. The more textured or open-weave fabrics will probably be best using the paint-dyeing technique, where wet/damp fabric is pressed into a shallow dish of slightly diluted paint and then left to dry.

You don't need to purchase the course to buy the fabrics, and you don't need to purchase the fabrics to buy the course.

These are the fabrics I use most in my own work, and they are supplied here in small pieces for you to paint in your chosen colours, before stitching into your own landscape scenes. The fabrics are mostly shades of white, off-white and cream and will all take fabric paint really well. For best results you would normally apply paints to wet or damp fabrics.

Quantities are small, but there's enough here for several 4" square landscapes (I'd estimate there's the equivalent of just under half a yard or so in total); a little does go quite a long way. You can cut up the pieces even smaller before painting so that you can have a few different colours for each type.

Fabrics and sizes are as follows; all sizes are approximate and may differ slightly between packs; there is one piece of each as follows:

1. Lightweight cotton calico (also known as quilter's muslin) 5" x 9" (13 x 23cm)
2. Cotton scrim 5" x 9" (13 x 23cm)
3. Silk chiffon 4" x 8" (10 x 23cm)
4. Very fine cotton calico, very lightweight 7" x 10" (18 x 26cm)
5. Cotton mulle, a fine lightweight cotton gauze 6" x 10" (15 x 26cm)
6. Fine silk/cotton, nicely textured, very lightweight and gauzy 4-5" x 10" (10 x 26cm)
7. Fine cotton lawn, very lightweight 4.5" x 8" (11 x 20cm)
8. Cotton voile, semi-sheer 7" x 10" (18 x 26cm)
9. Silk organza 4-5" x 10" (10-12 x 26 cm)
10. Cotton muslin (sometimes called cheesecloth outside the UK), lightweight and gauzy 8" x 11" (20 x 27 cm)
11. Silk sari ribbon, about 1-1.5" (2-4cm) wide, cut from vintage saris. The silk strip has raw edges and may have marks, holes, tears and seams - it will take paint or dye very readily - about 50-60" (130-150cm)
12. Dress net (tutu net) 3" x 5" or smaller (8 x 12cm)
13. Fine tulle, finer and softer than dress net 3" x 3" or smaller (8-9 cm square)
14. Nylon chiffon from vintage scarves - depending on availability, one or two pieces each 2-4" square or so, in various colours. You can paint this with fabric paints to change the colour, or you can layer under or over another sheer fabric and alter the colour that way
15. Vintage starched-cotton builders' scrim - a rarity these days and hard to find; while stocks last, about 8-9", 3" wide. Quite stiff and scratchy when dry, but softens when wet - you can wash the stiffener out of it before colouring, or just dampen the scrim to apply paint and let it dry as it is. This is excellent for adding to mixed media collage work too.

I'll include a printed list of fabrics in each pack so that you can identify the pieces before unpacking.

Postage overseas will be via tracked mail; the postage rate quoted is for USA, Canada and Australia. If you would like a postage quote to your country please let me know so that I can set up a custom listing for you.


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