PDF 2024 daily stitching templates map

  • PDF 2024 daily stitching templates map
  • PDF 2024 daily stitching templates map
  • PDF 2024 daily stitching templates map
  • PDF 2024 daily stitching templates map
  • PDF 2024 daily stitching templates map

*Please read the whole of this description before purchasing*

You are purchasing a PDF document which you will be able to download after purchase. The file size is approximately 3 MB, so please make sure that you have space to receive it before placing an order. For best results I would suggest downloading to a laptop, Mac, or desktop computer rather than to a phone, but you should also be able to download to an iPad.

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This is a 19-page A4-size PDF containing notes and photographs covering how to use the templates, how to transfer the designs to your fabric, and some very brief suggestions for stitching, plus the twelve monthly template pages. I think of my daily stitching practice as a kind of map, and for 2024 I'll be using this set of templates which together make up something like a large aerial map of a rural landscape.

There is some optional construction for this template, in that the twelve months all fit together to make a seamless map measuring about 29" x 30" (74cm x 76cm), so there is some cutting and sticking if you want to make the entire pattern. The PDF gives instructions for piecing the monthly templates, and has a full-page diagram showing how the months fit together. The templates are designed to fit together as three rows of four pages. They will not all fit together seamlessly as a long strip, although you could adapt and redraw the field boundaries to create a long strip if you prefer that arrangement.

The templates are designed to be printed on A4 paper, or 8.5” x 11” letter paper. Please ensure that your printer is set to '100% scale' or 'fill entire page'.

If you're going to work the entire design as it's presented here, you will need a piece of fabric measuring approximately 36" square. You don't have to use the templates for daily stitching, of course; you could just make an embroidery sampler using the map templates.

Please note, I do not explain in this document how to work any of the stitches. If you are an absolute beginner and need to know how to do (for example) running stitch or couching, you will first need to refer to one of the many embroidery books or online videos and tutorials that talk you through getting started. You might also consider signing up for my online course, Intuitive Daily Stitching, which demonstrates several basic stitch types that you can practise and has information on choosing fabric and thread, and on maintaining a mindful daily stitch practice. Please visit my blog (stitchinglife.uk) and see the links page for more information about that.

These templates are different from those in my 2022 and 2023 stitch journal PDFs, so if you have already purchased those, this PDF will still offer variety.

Please let me know (before purchasing this PDF) if you have any questions.


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